Visitor rules


All visitors are obliged to familiarize themselves with these rules upon entry to Thermalpark and comply with its provisions. All current instructions override the general instructions given in visitor rules.


  1. By purchasing a ticket or season pass, the visitor expresses his unconditional consent to visitor rules. The use of the services of Thermalpark DS (hereinafter referred to as “Thermalpark”) is possible only if visitor rules are observed. If the visitor does not accept or violates the provisions of visitor rules, the management and members of staff may refuse to provide services and may expel the visitor from the premises.
  2. Entry to the premises and use of services offered by Thermalpark is possible according to the order of arrival of visitors. Contractual partners and pre-announced groups can be an exception.
  3. Upon entering the premises, each visitor will receive a chip wristband, which allows entry and exit from the premises through designated turnstiles. Each customer must have the chip wristband in a visible place during the entire stay and must present it without delay at the request of the members of staff. If the visitor is unable to present an active chip wristband and/or a purchased ticket, it is considered as unauthorized entry into the area of Thermalpark and results in the imposition of a fine according to point II.5. In case of loss of the chip wristband, the visitor must pay a fee of € 10.
  4. Chip wristbands are also used to access the lockers, which are included in the ticket price. Each visitor can occupy the cabinet by looking for a wristband reader (which is located on the sides of the rows of cabinets) and attaching a chip bracelet. If there are no free lockers on a given section, the visitor must look for another reader on another section. The individual sections are separated in colour, figural and numerical. The lockers are located on the ground floor of the main building (101-588), in the basement of the main building (701-926) and in the back of the premises at the hygiene block (1001-1124 and 1201-1365), which, however, only work during the summer season.
  5. The number of lockers is limited and in case of high attendance, Thermalpark does not guarantee every visitor access to the locker. A visitor who does not receive the locker for capacity reasons is not entitled to a discount on the entrance fee or any other benefit.
  6. Before leaving, the visitor must insert the bracelet into the designated collectors in front of the exit turnstiles or hand them over at the ticket office. In case of exceeding the time limit, the collectors do not accept chip wristbands and it is necessary to contact the cashier.
  7. When the premises are filled to full capacity, the operator may not allow other visitors to enter.
  8. 60 minutes before the end of the operational hours, visitors are not allowed to enter.
  9. Entry to the premises and the use of services is at the visitor’s own risk.
  10. Thermalpark is in no case responsible for the loss of cash, personal valuables or parts of clothing, therefore it is recommended not to take valuables and a larger amount of money with you.
  11. Items found in the swimming pool area will be handed over to the lifeguard or at the ticket office where they are registered in the lost and found property book. Found items are stored for one month. After this time, uncollected items will be disposed of. Valuables (wallets, mobile phones, keys, rings, watches, etc.) and identity documents (identity cards, driving licences, passports) will be forwarded to the Dunajská Streda Town Council after 24 hours.
  12. The operator of Thermalpark is not responsible for the items stored in the lockers, as does not have the opportunity to find out the list, value and quantity of stored items at the time of storage. Safes at the reception are used for storing keys, cash and other valuables.
  13. Thermalpark or its parts and facilities may be reserved for various events for schools, social and sports organizations during certain hours. For this time, public bathing in the reserved area is limited or completely prohibited (according to the instructions of the organizer of the event, which are posted during the event). Any restrictions, noise or inconveniences associated with the implementation of such activities do not entitle the visitors to partial or complete financial compensation.
  14. The availability of individual pools, attractions and facilities may be limited due to weather or for technical reasons, which do not entitle the visitors to partial or complete compensation.
  15. Visitors are obliged to handle the equipment and the borrowed objects with great attention, care and caution. The operator of Thermalpark is entitled from the visitor who, intentionally or through negligent conduct, causes damage to the property or causes damage by theft to demand compensation for damage or may seek redress in the courts.
  16. Visitors are obliged to compensate in full the damage caused to the operator of Thermalpark by water pollution in swimming pools, while the damage costs represent the costs of the operator in connection with the replacement or purification of water, according to the operator’s calculation.
  17. Visitors with visual, auditory or physical disabilities are only allowed to enter when accompanied by a personal care attendant.
  18. Children under 12 years of age are only allowed to enter if accompanied by a person over 18 years of age. The use of services (especially swimming pools and water slides) for children under 12 years of age is allowed only under the sole responsibility of the parent, respectively escort.
  19. Toboggans and slides are used by visitors at their own risk!
  20. Each visitor is obliged to follow the instructions for using toboggans and slides, as well as other notices and warnings displayed on the premises.
  21. Only children up to 100 cm in height are allowed to enter the children’s pool. It is forbidden for adults to enter or dive into the children’s pool.
  22. Only persons over 6 years of age are allowed to enter the Rotunda. The maximum recommended length of stay in pools with thermal water is 20 minutes.
  23. The leaders of groups of children are responsible for following the instructions of visitor rules and bear full responsibility for the protection of the lives of the children entrusted to him, potential accidents or damage to the property of the entire group.
  24. In the area of ​Thermalpark, visitors are obliged to use the pavements, stairs and ramps. During all activities, visitors are obliged to pay increased attention to the prevention of injuries, especially by slipping, tripping or twisting of the legs, insect bites, etc.
  25. The operator is not responsible for injuries and injuries caused by the visitor due to carelessness or non-compliance with visitor rules.
  26. Every visitor is obliged to use poolside showers before entering the pools!
  27. The created spaces for relaxation and sunbathing can be freely used by our visitors.
  28. Each visitor is obliged to follow the instructions of Thermalpark, respectively security staff. The person on duty (director, deputy, lifeguard, security staff) is considered an authorized person with the appropriate authority.
  29. During opening times, there is a first aid service available on the premises. In case of injury, nausea or other health problems, this service can be used free of charge.
  30. All garbage, except for smouldering objects, should be disposed of in marked garbage containers.
  31. In case of fire or other types of alarm, visitors must follow instructions announced by the public address system or members of staff.
  32. All visitors are obliged to take care of personal hygiene and cleanliness before entering the pool. In any case, it is necessary to use toilets, poolside showers and footbaths around the pools.
  33. Clothes can be changed to swimsuits in the places designated for this purpose – in the changing rooms or cabins.
  34. Visitors must wear decent and clean bathing suits and must not violate the principles of ethics and decency by their behaviour.
  35. The operator is not responsible for excessive wear of the swimsuit due to the composition of the water, the use of swimming pools or frequent use of toboggans and water slides.
  36. Weak and non-swimmers can only swim in areas reserved for non-swimmers. In the interest of their safety, each visitor is obliged to obey this rule.
  37. All visitors must take care of the greatest possible cleanliness and personal safety They must not bother other visitors with their actions and behaviour, cause excessive noise, and run around wet areas.


  1. Persons suffering from any disease endangering the health of other visitors, i.e. persons suffering from fever, cough, conjunctivitis, persons with infectious or outrage-inducing diseases, bacillus carriers of intestinal and other diseases, family members of persons affected by infectious diseases who are isolated from the family, persons affected by discharge-induced diseases, persons with skin parasites, rash and bandages on the body as well as persons dirty, in dirty clothes with insects are prohibited from entering Thermalpark. The staff is entitled to deny such persons’ entry to the premises.
  2. Entry is forbidden to persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs and other psychotropic and narcotic substances.
  3. Entry may be refused to those who show aggressive and uncontrollable behaviour violating visitor rules, do not comply with hygiene and safety rules and whose behaviour is inconsistent with ethical and social principles
  4. Any physical or verbal harassment of staff, with special emphasis on racist, chauvinistic and sexist comments, may result in the immediate expulsion of the visitor from the premises without any right to compensation.
  5. A visitor who, at the request of Thermalpark staff or security, is unable to prove a valid bracelet and a receipt for the purchase of a valid ticket is considered a person with unauthorized entry. Each such person is obliged to pay a fine of EUR 30 and leave the premises immediately.


It is forbidden to:

  1. Scream, whistle, make unnecessary noise, run on wet surfaces (risk of injury from slipping), dive and collide with other people.
  2. Swim in inappropriate clothing, including underwear. For hygienic reasons, children of all ages are only allowed in a swimsuit.
  3. Use the children’s pool for children over 100 cm high.
  4. Sit and immerse the feet of adults in the children’s pool.
  5. Jump into swimming pools outside the designated areas, run and jump from sidewalks, and other risky places.
  6. Call for help without a serious reason, or use radio equipment for this purpose.
  7. Enter areas that are not intended for the public, enter changing rooms and showers of the opposite sex, and the parts of the premises where entry is prohibited for security and operational reasons, use equipment and playgrounds out of operation.
  8. Spit on the floor and in the water, urinate in the pool, throw away garbage and pollute the premises, start fires, enter with vehicles, animals and other objects that can cause injury.
  9. Enter with firecrackers or other device that can cause unrest or panic, use drugs, narcotics and psychotropic substances and behave in a way that disturbs public order and causes outrage.
  10. Eat in swimming pools, bring bottles, cups and other items suitable for drinking, use detergents, other personal hygiene products, cut nails, hair, contaminate water in any way, use swimming pools and a water slide with a dirty or painted body. Before using the pools and water slides, the use of showers is obligatory for all visitors.
  11. Games and other activities endangering the safety of one’s own or other persons, arousing outrage or disturbing the well-being of other resting visitors.
  12. Smoke on the premises, including the service building, except in designated smoking areas.
  13. Throw cigarette butts and other dangerous and flammable substances into rubbish, except for containers reserved for that purpose.
  14. Take sharp objects, other glassware that may break and cause injury.
  15. For safety reasons, carry hygiene products in glass containers.
  16. Enter the pool and the water slide with chewing gum.
  17. Use water slides if the visitor is wearing rings, watches, earrings, chains, etc.
  18. Unauthorized use of rescue equipment and first aid items.
  19. Wear flippers, tennis balls and inflatable mattresses in the pool (only swimming armbands, swimming goggles and swimming caps are allowed).
  20. Play ball games or other board games outside the designated places.
  21. Arbitrarily relocate equipment, loungers and installed furniture.
  22. Wash clothes and wash with soap outside of designated areas.
  23. Require services from staff that contradict visitor rules, damage equipment and waste water.
  24. Enter and park motor vehicles outside designated parking areas.
  25. Damage landscaping, greenery, flora, fauna, information, notification and prohibition signs, railings, benches, waste bins, deck chairs, sandpits, playgrounds, public sanitary facilities, fences, gates, showers, lighting, etc.
  26. Consume food in swimming pools, locker rooms and connecting corridors. In case of violation of this prohibition, the operator has the right to immediately expel the visitor from the premises without the right to a refund of the entrance fee.
  27. Carry and use guns.


  1. Opening times are posted at the ticket office and can also be found on the website
  2. Ticket prices and services provided by Thermalpark are listed in the price list located in front of the ticket office. Every visitor is obliged to keep the receipt, which he will receive when buying a ticket until he leaves the premises. Any refunds can be applied only upon presentation of a valid ticket (receipt).
  3. Ticket sales end 1 hour before the end of operational hours. In the case of special events, the operator may extend the operational hours under special conditions.
  4. The operational hours may be changed by the management of Thermalpark in justified cases. In the event of adverse/extreme weather conditions (lightning, thunderstorm, hail, etc.), the operator may temporarily suspend the provision of services for safety reasons. Information on such a change of operational hours will be posted at the entrance or will be announced through the public address system. In such cases, the entrance fee is not refunded to visitors.
  5. If the visitor decides to leave the premises prematurely due to bad weather, the operator is not obliged to return the entrance fee or other compensation.
  6. The public address system is intended primarily for providing announcements, messages, information of public interest. The instructions for using the public address system is available at the ticket office.
  7. In the event of a serious restriction of operation for technical reasons, the operator reserves the right to assess the justification of the price reduction.
  8. The visitor is obliged to leave the pools 30 minutes before the end of the operational hours.
  9. After the end of the operational hours, visitors are obliged to leave the premises as soon as possible, but no later than 9:00 pm.
  10. Visitors can report problems related to swimming pools or health and safety to lifeguards or medical staff who are responsible for supervising the safety of swimming pools, the cleanliness of the water in the pools and the cleanliness of the surrounding areas, the readiness of rescue aids, the equipment of first aid kits and the ambulance, or a doctor to rescued persons (even if the rescued person feels fine).
  11. By purchasing a ticket, the visitor agrees that the operator can freely use the photographs and other recordings made on the premises for his own advertising and marketing activities.
  12. The visitor is entitled to, orally or in writing, express any dissatisfaction with the level of services provided, their quality or the behaviour of operating personnel. A book of wishes and complaints is available at the ticket office. The management of Thermalpark is obliged to investigate complaints, comments, proposals according to valid regulations, i.e., act according to them. Complaints with the complainant’s address must be answered in writing.
  13. In case of non-compliance with the visiting rules, the operator of Thermalpark is not obliged to accept any complaints and provide compensation.
  14. These visiting rules were made in order to protect the safety and health of visitors of Thermalpark.

We wish you a pleasant stay and many enjoyable experiences.

Dunajská Streda, 01.06.2017